Welcome to the 2020 Campaign

It has been both an honor and a privilege to serve this community as a member of the City Council for the last 16 years.  While we have accomplished much, there is still more to do and I want to keep working to maintain our commitment to public safety, continue to build and grow our parks system and improve our transportation network. 

As your Councilmember I have stressed fiscal responsibility, by repeatedly balancing our budgets and creating a rainy day fund.  I have fought for the taxpayers, by reducing taxes in our Community Facilities Districts (CFD’s) saving thousands of homeowners millions of dollars.  And I have helped to streamline the permit process to make City Hall Business and Customer Friendly.  

We have fought Homelessness through our Task Force and partnership with the Social Work Action Group (SWAG) securing a $1.5 Million Dollar grant to preform social outreach, while enforcing our laws and keeping our environment clean and safe. 

We have increased our Public Safety footprint by putting more Sheriff Department boots on the street, while building, equipping and staffing three fire stations.

We have embarked on an aggressive City-wide repaving program and added capacity to Railroad Canyon Road.  And beginning next spring the long awaited I-15/RRCR Interchange upgrade will finally bring congestion relief to the toughest choke point in the valley.

Our parks system…on life support when I was first elected now boasts 20 parks.  This includes skate parks, dog parks, bmx track, ball fields and fitness trails.  

And we have revitalized our Downtown with new businesses and restaurants, while reinvesting in significant upgrades to Diamond Stadium as well as the complete re-imagined Launch Pointe campground.

Local government must be approachable and responsive and for the past 16 years you have been able to reach out and touch me.  I have not be absent or illusive, if you knocked on my door, I opened it.  If you emailed, I responded and when you called, I answered.  

I look forward to continuing to serve you.


Public Safety


Bob has made Public Safety his number one priority doubling the Police Force and building additional Fire Stations.  Response times for both organizations are now lower than at any point in the City’s history.  



As a member and past Chairman of the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), Bob has brought Millions of dollars’ worth of improvements to the valley. 

Parks System


The City’s park and recreation inventory continues to grow boasting more than 120 acres with 20 parks throughout the more than 40 square miles of City territory.